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This little guy was almost crushed under my foot when I got out of my car the other day, but I saw him right in time to avoid it. Then I ran upstairs and grabbed my telephoto lens because while I tried to get close to it to get a picture, it was staring right at me and inching forward ever so slowly, effectively freaking me out.

So I’ve been wanting to do a good cookie splash for a while now. A cookie splash is a photo taken of a splash of liquid (usually coffee) when something heavy is dropped in a cup (usually an egg). There’s this whole group on Flickr dedicated to it, started by one of my photography idols, Siebe.

I picked up this cool mug while thrifting this week for $.49, so I figured I’d try it out. I didn’t have any cookies, so I used a small orange.

But let me tell you, I’m not proud of this particular cookie splash because I happened to be SO FREAKED OUT while doing it, for a few different reasons.

1. I’m a total wimp and was panicking about hitting the shutter on continuous mode while also dropping the orange, because that’s how uncoordinated I am. It’s the same freak out I have when I go in the spray tan machine, because I can’t handle hitting the start button/taking in a deep breath and holding it/closing my eyes/getting into my “star pose” as to get even coverage in the five seconds before the spraying starts. I seriously almost have a panic attack.

2. The proximity of my camera to the mug isn’t that far away, because the closest telephoto distance I have is 70mm, which means I have to worry about the liquid spraying all over my camera which would = no bueno.

3. I have to worry about my neighbors and/or Erik seeing me doing this ridiculous thing on the porch in my pajamas and slippers, and being shamed. Not to mention the gigantic coffee spill all over the deck that Erik would for sure yell at me about.

So I really only gave myself a couple chances to get a good splash, and this was the best one:

I now have to do a better cookie splash, with great props and a great setting, but might need to use my little camera so I can use my 200mm telephoto lens, just to cut down on one the possibilities for panic attacks.

That, or I could get a life. Whatever comes first.

Today’s Deal Ticket is River City Deli and Bagels, which is right next to the DMV on Broadway. Fresh food easy and fast!

Happy Halloween!!!

My last wedding of the season with Jacqueline Photography was on Saturday, and it went out with a bang, since it was RAINING ALL DAY LONG.

I met up with the wedding party at the St. Francis church downtown, and we took some pre-ceremony pictures with the girls.

Across the street was Sutter’s Fort, where we took advantage of the lush grounds. It was great except for the fact that I had to shoot while holding an umbrella over Jackie as well as trying to protect my own camera while Jackie moved back and forth, up and down and I had to follow her wherever she went. I was so worried about my camera, but I was also worried about not getting any shots. Not easy!

Then it was time for the ceremony to start. I situated myself on the second floor overlooking the stage and pews.

A little spectator 🙂

Poor Michelle was sick, but she still looked beautiful!

This reception was crazy, probably because of two different reasons. 1) there was an open bar, and since it was raining, the guests had a full two hours to drink and watch the Giants game before they started the announcements. and 2) there were a lot of people who like to party amongst the 250 guests. This was definitely a wedding it would have been fun to be a guest at.

The wedding party and family announcements lasted a full 40 minutes, as every single member was introduced by a description written by the bride and groom, and then did their own dance down the aisle up to the stage to their own song, which was accompanied by a live drummer. It was LOUD and ROWDY in this reception hall.

After dinner, they played the kissing game,

cake cutting,

then the bouquet toss,

and then the garter toss,

(where the groom pulled out a pair of underwear first as a fake out).

Photos taken for Jacqueline Photography


For a while now, I’ve been taking photos of businesses for the Sacramento Press Deal Ticket Daily Deal. It’s pretty much the best gig ever, because most of the time it’s a restaurant, and usually they want us to eat the food that I photograph (you know, so Amy can tout the place properly). I’ve been lazy about posting the photos of the amazing food I’ve gotten to experience in these last few months, but I’m hoping to start posting on the day the deal runs.

Yesterday I shot Roberto’s in Sacramento, and they had some delicious fajitas. If you want some authentic Mexican food, this is a great place, and they’re super nice.