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I got a big F this year in the video capture department, but I put together a quick vid of some things I did shoot.

Obviously, someone needs to practice wearing glasses or contacts when they have to use manual focus. And steadying the camera. And white balance.


My last day in Paris was a day spent by myself, roaming around the city.

I tried to see all the places I’d missed in the last five days, like the Opera house,

I took the bus around the Arc di Triomphe,

saw the Louvre (but didn’t go inside),

and all kinds of other famous things that I can’t remember the names of.

Then I just roamed the streets aimlessly for a little while, before catching a taxi to the bus station that would take me to the airport. Bye, Paris!

That night I flew to Rome, and was met by my Dad who had flown in from Iowa an hour earlier. We took a taxi to our beautiful hotel, and got some rest before embarking on my first Italian city in the morning.

All photos taken in Paris:

Again, it was raining, so Becca and I spent the first part of the day shopping in Dublin in their fabulous shopping district. Then we roamed around Trinity College,

had lunch and guinness at a pub,

and then met up for drinks with a stylist that Becca knew from a semester she spent in California in college. We ended up spending the whole night at the bar and I had my first and only experience with bangers and mash, which was delightful. Dublin wasn’t at all what I expected in a city, but it was fun. I thought it would be the most secure feeling experience, but there were a lot of scary drunk people all over the streets, one in particular who had blood all over his face that lunged at me when I was walking by. I didn’t stop shaking for the whole rest of the day after that happened, I was so freaked out.

All photos taken in Ireland:

We were only scheduled to be in Belgium for a little over a day. So, this day was going to be cut short, since we had to get to the airport to go to Ireland at 6PM that evening. But surprisingly enough I took enough photos in this city to look like we were there for a week.

Brussels isn’t the most beautiful city. It’s actually more like any old American city with it’s business districts and shopping centers, but then you turn the corner and stumble into the Grand Place, what used to be the King’s palace.

It’s also littered with these unbelievable cathedrals,

sculptures and public art,

ethnic food districts,

and places to get bad Belgian waffles and places to get good ones (we got a gooooooood one).

We managed to walk around a good amount of the city, and all the way up to another palace which was being worked on, but we got to enjoy this view.

Next to the palace was a garden and fountain that was so beautiful and regal with bright green copper statues,

and then on our way back to the hostel we tried to cut through a government building to save time, and ended up outside where this girl was doing a coca cola promotion and gave us free ice cold cokes. One of the highlights of the trip, I can’t even tell you.

Across the street from that was the Brussels Botanical Garden, where I absolutely had to take a million photos because it was so ancient and gorgeous and it had started to rain, and the mineral green against the gray overcast sky was too beautiful for me to pass up.

We picked up our things out of the least secure lockers of all time where we’d left them all day, and then caught the bus to the main bus station that would take us to the airport. Becca got to whip out her French to get us on the right bus. It took an hour to get to the airport, and we passed NATO on the way which was pretty cool. Once we got to the airport, we were starving and ended up getting an enormous spread of Pizza Hut pizza and inhaled it all like animals.

We took our first plane ride since arriving originally and it was on Aer Lingus, which was so adorable because the flight attendants wear these green two piece suits with the little matching caps and they have their precious little accents and we were just in heaven. I got excited about us flying over Calais France, right on the edge of the ocean,

this one didn’t exactly turn out but I was so stoked to be flying over London, even though we weren’t stopping there I can’t wait to go someday.

We arrived in Dublin and again, it was a giant change in culture because, hello! English!! We were exhausted, and trying to find our hostel while walking at night was just out of the question, so we caught a taxi and the driver was hilarious and awesome and told us where to go while we were in the city. He dropped us off at our place, and it was already really late. They had a media room with free internet, so I went down there to use the computer and there was this extra chatty older woman at the computer next to me. She kept trying to make conversation and I was just too tired, so I gave her the courtesy laugh and smile, until she told me that she was a music promoter and had just run into Glen Hansard on the street outside. I was like, um… what? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? One of my all time favorite movies is “Once”, the musical set in Dublin about two real musicians, one of them being Glen Hansard. One CD you will always find in my car and on my playlists is the Once soundtrack. I was freaking out. If I was a little more shameless, I would’ve ran outside and chased him down and told him how much I loved him, but you know, I’d be letting my American hang out.

We were taking our first and only 3 day tour on a bus through Southern and Western Ireland that left the next morning at 8am, so we had to shower up and get some sleep. Unfortunately, I’d given Becca my horrendous cold at this point, and she was coughing all night long in a room full of people who were also woken up, and let her know how pissed off they were. I felt HORRIBLE for her, having been in her shoes just days before.

All photos taken in Brussels:

The day before was so full, it pretty much felt like a week. So the next day (today), it happened to be raining, so we spent time at the public library which was this brand new modern building with the coolest bathrooms I’d ever seen. The hall down to the bathrooms had this bright green moss,

and room dividers made of what looked like braided cotton ropes. Would’ve taken a photo of that but you know, pictures in the bathroom?

Then we walked across the city to the Heineken brewery,

went home and took some time lapse video while eating a grilled cheese sandwich, then went to a cafe and drank Fanta and watched music videos and surfed the net.

That night, we roamed around the city and tried to soak up the preciousness.

While walking around I heard classical music coming from an open apartment window, and saw an older couple dancing in their living room. It was one of the most enchanting and blissful moments of my life. I wouldn’t have dared to whip out the camera.

We also got ice cream at a place called “Australia”, and then went to a jazz club and listened to a great blues band.

I loved everything about Amsterdam, every second of it. Okay, I could’ve done without the disgusting place we stayed at. It was actually so bad, that we didn’t take another shower before leaving, because nothing could have been as bad as that bathroom.

All photos taken in Amsterdam:

I was honored to photograph my friend Aimee’s wedding last month, along with the professional that they’d already hired before she’d found this blog (hi Aimee!). Since I’d never done a wedding before, it was kind of great to have the backup of knowing there was a “real” photog just in case I didn’t get any winners. As extra insurance, I asked Steph to come with me. I knew between the two of us we could pull off some great shots.

Steph and I hung out with the bride as she got ready before the wedding while the other photog was doing a bunch of shots with the groom and his family and friends.

Thank goodness I brought Steph, who reminded me to get a hairspray shot and a “shoot through the arms in the mirror” shot.

It was so great to see Aimee’s parents, Annie and Frank, who were always so welcoming to me through high school. I was at their house constantly and even went on some family trips with them.

It was also awesome to see Megan again, Aimee’s best friend and maid of honor.

Since there were so many “photographers”, we just worked around the pro and tried to pull the newly married couple aside whenever we could (that wouldn’t be inconvenient or uncomfortable for anyone). We tried not to take up too much time, but also didn’t want to miss any opportunities- Aimee asked us to take pictures for a reason, and we had to deliver!

The coolest thing about the Grand Island Mansion is that it’s super duper old, and very “Great Gatsby”-like.

Steph and I had to take some pics of each other after dinner in the reception area before the rest of the guests headed downstairs.

Thankfully, I had bought a flash for my camera that day before the wedding. My camera doesn’t even have a built-in flash- at all- so I wouldn’t have gotten any shots once the sun went down and we were inside. I’m still learning how to use it and bounce light off the walls, and I may or may not have blinded Steph by pointing the flash in her face. She forgave me. The other thing I had to get used to was the “warm-up” time between flashes, so some of the pictures I took were without flash. There were still some good ones, but a little blurry at times.

Yes, this one has blown out highlights, but I still like it. Aimee’s looking right at me!

The night ended with a great big group hug- so sweet!

Aimee and Brett were on cloud nine, and so incredibly right for each other. You can just tell these things.

All in all, it was such a great learning experience! How to manage your time, which angles to get, how to comfortably pull people aside for pictures without being annoying, etc. I loved it! I’ve also never been so dehydrated and sore the next day from all the crouching down. It was awesome though, and I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks Aimee, we appreciate it so much!


Go here to view Steph’s best shots of the day.

Spring in NYC 2010 video. What to do with a mishmash of video taken of street performers, pooping dogs, gospel service, Syrian petti-cab drivers, footage I made my friends pose for that they thought I was insane for making them do, and crazy dancers in the park? Why, edit it down to clips and set it to some Death Cab, (or is it Postal Service?)- I wanted to use the song we heard at the UCB theater that we tried to Shazam but it didn’t work- ‘evs.