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A couple weeks ago my friend Becca (aka Bexadler) ran a marathon, after six months of intense and obsessive training. These aren’t stellar photos, but I am pretty glad I caught the moment she crossed the finish line and shot me that look!

This one too, because it shows the true exhaustion she felt at that moment.

This little guy was almost crushed under my foot when I got out of my car the other day, but I saw him right in time to avoid it. Then I ran upstairs and grabbed my telephoto lens because while I tried to get close to it to get a picture, it was staring right at me and inching forward ever so slowly, effectively freaking me out.

I started a new blog for my professional ventures, by myself, and working with other photographers. I just figured I needed something that was separate from my personal photographic ventures so potential clients didn’t have to sort through my multitude of travel photos 🙂

So go here for the new blog.

Oh, and I just put together the Facebook page, so “like” it if you want!


The camera bag company called Epiphanie is having a contest to give away a Canon 5D Mark II (the exact camera I want in my life RIGHT NOW), and so if I blog about it I get some points. So that’s what I’m doing!

I want one of these bags in a big way too. My favorite is the Lola.

Look how cute the packaging is. Can one of these be delivered to my doorstep today please?

I’m crossing my fingers for this one so hard it hurts!