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Fall photo shoot,

Baby Abby and Baby Dillon,

and the Ekdhal-Jackson Family.


I got to help photograph the wedding of Jason and Nichole recently, and the fashion obsessed bride had these fabulous Christian Louboutin shoes that I was pretty much in love with.

There were lots of family and friends around getting ready at the beginning of the day, and then the bride’s Mom and soon to be Mom-in-law helped lace Nichole up into her dress.

Once we got to the venue, I snuck into the reception room to get some shots of the tables,

and then the bride headed up to meet her groom for the first look.

There was this great tunnel on the golf cart path that we took advantage of,

and then the whole bridal party joined us for some group shots.

A little sister love.

Then it was time to get married.

From the ceremony to the toasts, this wedding was so touching that I found myself fighting back tears a couple of times.

Before heading to the reception, the newly married couple took some time to pose for pictures together and with family, and we got a few more of the gorgeous bride right after sunset.

Then it was time to party! First thing first, a toast from the best man, Jason’s 10-year-old son. More tears!

There was a photo booth at the wedding, which seems to be the most popular attraction at any wedding besides the bar these days.

After a delicious meal it was time for dancing. Great wedding!

Photos taken with Jacqueline Photography

A week and a half ago I was honored to have been included in Press Day at the Great Reno Balloon Race, partnered up with my friend Amy who never fails to hook me up with the most interesting of gigs.

To say that I was worried to go up in a hot air balloon was an understatement. I have what they call a fear of heights, but I call it a crippling bout of despair and horror. But I mean, come on. Who passes up this kind of opportunity?

So we arrived in Reno the night before, where we stayed in a very nice room at the Silver Legacy. Around 5:45am the next morning, we headed out to the site to get checked in and matched up with a pilot.

There was a lot of waiting around to see if the wind would die down, before any balloons could safely go up in the air. Half the sky was bright blue with white clouds, and the other half (in the direction the wind would be taking us) was filled with dark gray ominous clouds.

A couple of balloons started to go up, but our pilot decided that it was too dangerous and didn’t want to waste a trip up to just have to come right back down.

His little granddaughter Eleanor entertained us for a bit with her cuteness,

and then someone walked up and gave her a feather to play with, which she got a kick out of but the rest of us adults were very concerned about. I sure hope someone took the feather away and washed her hands immediately.

More and more balloons were going up, but they seemed to only be the ones that had corporate sponsors,

so right around the time we started to think we weren’t going to go up in a balloon and we wasted all this anxiety for nothing, Rebecca from the PR company who hooked the whole thing up, worked her magic and found us a pilot and a sponsor.

He inspected his balloon,

fired it on up,

and had two shaking girls pile into the basket while people held it down for us to have time to sign the releases.

Within seconds we were lifting up off the ground and rising very, very fast!

We got a view of Reno I never knew existed,

and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it’d be, except for the extremely loud firing off of the flames just inches from our heads.

Before we knew it, we were landing in the middle of a street in front of the amphitheater at UNR, and we were giddy with joy since we didn’t die.

Then we all teamworked it up and helped put away the balloon and basket and equipment.

I was so thankful that I was included in this event at all, but extra happy that we didn’t miss out on a balloon ride. We were worried there for a couple hours, but it all worked out, and now I can say I conquered another giant fear.

Patrick and Jessica got married a couple of weeks ago in Pleasanton. There was a second when they were in this quirky pose below because they were looking at something but it only lasted a split second so they weren’t in focus.  I decided to try to make art out of it 🙂

The bride was gorgeous,

and the ring bearer, Shane, was adorable.

Gorgeous bridesmaids and flower girls,

and a very cute couple.

I loved the bow and brooch on the cake.

Once the wedding party showed up, they piled out of the limo ready to party!

I’m generally not a fan of reception photos, but when my flash didn’t go off while I was shooting the dance floor it created this fun little accident.

Photos taken with Jacqueline Photography

*I found myself without internet for the last 3.5 days, therefore, I missed my last two days of Euro posts. Sad face for me 😦 Here’s a catch-up*

My first full day in Venice was… beautiful. You can’t really wrap your mind around what a crazy-awesome city this is until you’re there. It’s like a medieval labyrinth with canals and beautiful people.

The one thing I absolutely had to do was take a gondola ride. I didn’t care that I was with my Dad and the gondoliers thought they were trying to get a 53 year old and his young girlfriend to ride in their boat (I know, ick), but I didn’t care. I’m in Venice. IT’S HAPPENING.

We finally found a suitable gondolier who wasn’t going to charge us $200 for 15 minutes (not kidding), and we got the tour of a lifetime.

My Dad and I were staying in a part of Rome called Republique Square, which is a pretty central location.

We started off our first day of travel together by getting a bus ticket and taking a visual tour around the city.

We hopped off from time to time to check out the major spots, like the Trevi Fountain,

the Spanish Steps,

and then after having a bite to eat and a glass of wine, we climbed the steps and saw a view of the whole city.

Later that night we checked out the Coliseum,

and then ate pasta carbonara and had tiramisu.