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I love anything old fashioned, so when Erik’s grandmother Myrtle visited a few months ago I was so excited that she brought some extremely thoughtful gifts for us.

She is an avid antique-er and collector of vintage glass. She gave me this sugar dish that I absolutely love and use every single day for my morning coffee.

And then she brought Erik this old 7up bottle from the 60’s (?) from when they were probably running a college football promo. Erik’s favorite team is Notre Dame.

I just love thoughtful gifts and thoughtful people 🙂


Happy Halloween!!!

I realize I’m about two weeks late with this, but I was a little tied up. Here’s a video made from snippets of the footage I shot in 2009 (and a little bit of Dec. 2008, and January 2010, but whatever). Unfortunately I used a song that’s on a super lame commercial right now (hate it when that happens), but I remember hearing it on “500 Days of Summer” and thinking to myself, I have to use that song for my end of the year video.


My friend Amy is a very active and popular blogger, who recently asked me to take some headshots of her for some upcoming featured articles she’s writing. I happily obliged, and told her to bring over lots of clothing, scarf, hat and jewelry options. Of course, I broke out my hat and scarf wall, so we had a very colorful shoot. I was happy with all the different looks we got, and she was very happy to have an array of portrait choices for the future.

We cracked each other up by titling each shot with, “I’m a quirky blogger!”, or “I’m funky and creative, and if you don’t believe me check out my hat”, etc. One of the best things about photoshoots (for me) are the outtakes, which never fail to make me laugh. We are now collaborating on a PSA video featuring Amy’s outtakes- it will NOT be politically correct.

A few samples:



From my super festive neighbors.




and Sadie!