Kristin Sabate and I worked together years ago, and even though many work friendships eventually drift away, we have always had a bond over being such incredible weirdos. We had really boring jobs, so we would come up with all kinds of crazy things to do to entertain ourselves. Many of these things are so stupid or crazy, I will not repeat them here.

Since those days, Kristin got married, gained a stepson, Max, and had a baby, Sophie. We all got together on Sunday morning to take some family photos near their house in Roseville.

Sophie is six months old now, and is too cute for words.

Max was cracking me up. He wasn’t the biggest fan of having his picture taken, so he would put on this cheesy smile for 5 seconds and then ask, “are we done now?”

Even though Sophie looks docile in these pics, she was not feeling the photo shoot. We only had about 20 minutes at the pond before it was apparent we needed to go back to the house because someone was in need of a nap very soon.

But before we left, I had to get a few shots of Kristin and Gui.

I had to give it one last shot to get some photos of Sophie before she needed to go down for a nap, so we used Max to try to distract her.

Kristin had another outfit for her, and so we pushed it even farther by trying to see if she’d let Mom change her clothes. The giraffe helped.

Then, all of a sudden she had a burst of happy! I guess anyone in a tutu has to be in a good mood.

Then the fussing started to come back, so I had Dad throw her up and give her kisses.

That only lasted until we saw some massive yawning, so we knew she was down for the count.

But as I was getting on the freeway to go home, it started raining! I guess Sophie just KNEW.