The morning I was going to try to catch a standby flight out of Venice to Atlanta to Sacramento was overcast and rainy. Still, my Dad and I had breakfast on the veranda of our hotel, where these pigeons were flying from roof to roof. So I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots while my Dad wondered what the hell I could possibly be taking so many photos of birds for.

Around Noon, we walked to the water taxi station where I was going to be shuttled to the airport. It was kind of scary since I didn’t know if I would make the flight, and there is no cell phone service so if I was going to try to meet back up with my Dad and go with him to Switzerland and Germany, I’d have to hope he checked his email. Stressful!

Below is the last photo I took in Venice, as the water taxi was leaving. I made the flight at the last minute, and got a first class seat! It’s not even a problem to fly 11 hours when you have a bed and movies and endless champagne.

All photos taken in Italy: