*I found myself without internet for the last 3.5 days, therefore, I missed my last two days of Euro posts. Sad face for me 😦 Here’s a catch-up*

My first full day in Venice was… beautiful. You can’t really wrap your mind around what a crazy-awesome city this is until you’re there. It’s like a medieval labyrinth with canals and beautiful people.

The one thing I absolutely had to do was take a gondola ride. I didn’t care that I was with my Dad and the gondoliers thought they were trying to get a 53 year old and his young girlfriend to ride in their boat (I know, ick), but I didn’t care. I’m in Venice. IT’S HAPPENING.

We finally found a suitable gondolier who wasn’t going to charge us $200 for 15 minutes (not kidding), and we got the tour of a lifetime.