We thought we were getting up early enough to get in line for the Sistine Chapel and beat the crowds, but apparently everyone else had the same idea.

All the guide books said that you have to dress “respectfully” to enter anywhere in Vatican City, meaning dress shoes and pants and no tank tops. So my Dad and I did just that, and then found out that they pretty much let anyone in. It was a pretty hot day, so we were irritated after standing in line for two hours and then walking all through the Sistine Chapel (which is looooooong) and then standing in line for another hour to get into the Vatican.

It was pretty great that my Dad got to go to the Vatican, having been raised in a very devout Catholic household. My Grandma had just passed away a month before, and I think it was very meaningful for him to have gone somewhere he was sure my Grandparents went decades before and probably had a very intense experience.

That night we wandered through the cobblestone streets until we found a restaurant to have yet another delicious dinner and a couple bottles of wine. Although there are endless things to do in Rome, it’s not a city I’d ever spend more than a couple of days in if you’re doing all the touristy things. It gets exhausting, and we were very much looking forward to going somewhere a bit more laid back.