On Monday, we took the city bus over to the Pere Lachaise cemetery to see Jim Morrison’s grave, which apparently is the 5th most popular tourist attraction in Paris according to a brochure we found.

Pere Lachaise is enormous and beautiful and crumbling, but the jagged cobblestone roads that we had to walk along for miles to find the right grave, were maddening. We both sprained our ankles about 100 times and were ready to jump into the grave with Jim once we got there.

We hopped across the street to a Mc Donalds to use the wifi there, and then went to get some ice cream at the famous Berthillion, but it was closed so we got gelato nearby. While on the subway, two men (one of whom was sitting right next to me)  got into a yelling fight over one of them shoving the other when walking through the crowd and caused a huge scene. Someone stepped in and broke it up before it got physical, but it was pretty intense.

The other interesting thing about people on the subways, besides the incredible abundance of gypsies everywhere, was that from time to time a person would enter a car and then stand at one end, and announce to everyone that he was looking for anyone’s extra meal cards instead of begging for money. Meal cards are something that Parisian employers give their employees as one of their benefits for their lunches everyday. It was always just a regular looking person, not necessarily a beggar or homeless person. Tres interessant.

Later that night we met up with one of Becca’s old friends from Paris and had dinner and drinks in Montmartre near the Moulin Rouge, and it was the only truly French cuisine we ate while in Paris (besides the chocolate croissants). I didn’t bring my camera with me because I was pretty exhausted and wanted to just relax for a night. But I did get to see the cafe from Amelie!