The one full day in Barcelona was supposed to begin with a walking architectural tour, but we couldn’t find the meeting spot where everyone was supposed to be. So instead, we bought a ticket for a city bus tour, you know, the double decker tourist buses. It happened to be a great idea because Barcelona is so enormous and sprawled out all over the place, so there would be no way for us to navigate it and see as much as we saw. Plus, it was a million degrees and we were dripping with sweat, so walking a for miles just wasn’t in the cards.

We saw many beaches along the Mediterranean,

interesting art at the Picasso museum and other various galleries,

and saw a lot of the incredible architecture by Gaudi that’s all over the city.

We hopped on and off the bus throughout the day, and at night the route ended. So we got off near a park,

A quick metro ride up to the Olympic grounds brought us to where the crowds were, watching the fountain show that was choreographed to music.

We then hiked up to the top of the hill to an overlook so I could get some shots of the city at night.