The final day of the tour brought us to an ancient graveyard with really cool headstones,

and cute cows in the field next to it.

It was raining all day, so getting everyone off the bus to explore each site was a task. Let’s just say, we enjoyed a lot of things through a bus window. One thing we did get off the bus for was a “fairy circle” which was this trail we walked through where mythical fairies apparently had been fabled to exist at one time. This a great example of why I’m not a tour person.

The tour also stopped at the Jameson whiskey factory, but it was something like 20 euros to get in and to be honest, we aren’t whiskey people and these breweries and factories aren’t exactly riveting. So we hung out at the restaurant next to the factory while the rest of the people went in, and then we saw our tour guide go up to the counter and pick up an envelope of cash, basically his commission for bringing a bunch of tourists who will pay that kind of money for a 45 minute tour. I was so glad I put my money toward stickey toffee pudding instead.

Eventually, we made it back to Dublin that day. We were dropped off in Temple Bar, the area of Dublin that has cobblestone streets and tons of bars and shops. We were staying at the Temple Bar Hostel, so we were right in the middle of it all, which was convenient. We checked in, and then took advantage of our free hours of internet before going out and exploring.

Becca was feeling really sick, so she tried to get some rest while I used the computers and went out to get something to eat that night. One of the things I remember about that particular hostel was this American girl in the rec room (same room as where the computers and wifi were), who was living there while doing a semester abroad. She was sitting in one of the lounge chairs, laptop on her lap, sick as a dog blowing her nose like crazy, and talking on the phone to a friend back home for the ENTIRE TIME I WAS ON THE COMPUTER, which was probably 3-4 hours, in a WAY LOUDER than normal voice as to make sure everyone in the room could hear her business and be so impressed. The room was full of people watching TV, playing games, etc, and this girl was having the most inane conversation about her life and how she wasn’t sure she wanted to stay in Dublin, her sex life, her parents, how she’s so beyond the people they went to high school with and even her college friends at this point, a guy she wasn’t sure was worth having a relationship with back home. I mean, everything was covered, and she was the most self-absorbed, self-indulgent, ridiculous person of all time. I had to hear every second of this conversation, and so did the entire room full of people. I mean, if you’re around a bunch of people, how ’bout lower your voice a touch, and maybe don’t throw your sick tissues all over the place like you’re alone in your own house. She couldn’t have been more comfortable. Becca laughed at me because when I came back into the room I went off about this girl, and she knows how fascinated I am with extreme personalities and people who inconvenience others and don’t think twice about it. But I mean, come on. I will definitely never forget that girl.