Day two of our tour included a stop at the beach,

which we had to hike down to,

(check out the sheep!!!!)

and then we drove through lots of gorgeous countryside,

until it was time to load our bus onto a ferry to cross the River Shannon. It was our particular tour guide’s last tour ever, and as if his sarcastic wise ass sense of humor could get any worse, he really had nothing to lose so he would take every opportunity to make up lies about everything we were doing. Some of us took a while to catch on (me), so when he was talking about this ferry and how it had a glass bottom and a snack bar on board, I seriously got off the bus and was like, “so let’s go find this snack bar and look at some fish!” Becca was never so embarrassed to be my friend.

Once we crossed the river, the bus drove us up to the main attraction, which was the Cliffs of Moher, which might look familiar since they were the setting in the scene of the “Princess Bride” when they climb the Cliffs of Insanity to escape the Dread Pirate Roberts.

We were there at just the right time of day when it was close enough to sunset to watch the sun go down into the ocean while eating our giant ice cream cones they were serving at the gift shop . Truly, one of the most beautiful sites.

The night, what do you know, we went to a pub! To listen to Irish folk music! We ended up meeting a big party of Brits who were having a bachelor party and invited us to join their festivities. Lots of Irish jigs were executed that night.