Didn’t take any photos on this day either… I guess I didn’t remember to break out the camera on travel days!

I do remember what we did that day though. When we left Amsterdam, we ended up meeting two Americans from Arizona while waiting at the train station who were catching a flight out of Brussels. One of them had been a photography student in college so he and I talked “shop” for a while and I showed him all the photos I’d taken so far, and he showed me a bunch of his work on his laptop.

When we got to Brussels, we checked into our place and showered immediately, washing the Amsterdam hostel off of us. We went out to explore and get something to eat, and on the way this car full of Turks stopped us and asked for directions. Becca, who was about to move to Istanbul of course had to try to talk to them and pretty much leaned into their car. I seriously thought she was going to be abducted right then and there, so I ran to the front of the car and wrote down the license plate. I couldn’t help it, everyone had been telling us that the most dangerous place on our itinerary was Brussels, and apparently we were staying on the border of the “safe” region of the city and the “really, really unsafe part- like, don’t even think about it”. People really shouldn’t tell me those kinds of things.

Becca didn’t end up getting abducted, but we did find a creperie and I had a chicken, spinach and chevre crepe with 2 cherry beers. Heaven. After roaming around for a bit, we went back to the hostel and enjoyed happy hour and our free 5 hours of wi-fi and decided to book a 4 star hotel for our first night in Spain. We needed a break from staying in less than amazing accommodations, to put it mildly.

Much later that night, we stumbled into our room and woke up our roommates, who happened to be the most pleasant Swiss girls to ever live, and acted like they were delighted to be woken up at 2AM. We had some spirited girl talk, and then retired for the night.

I also found another entry in my journal that kind of just shows how my mood was on the up and up:

“Good things about Europe: Dyson Airblade hand dryers, pizza hut express, fresh croissants, donor kebab, falafel everywhere, public transport, french fry stands, no tipping.”