The day before was so full, it pretty much felt like a week. So the next day (today), it happened to be raining, so we spent time at the public library which was this brand new modern building with the coolest bathrooms I’d ever seen. The hall down to the bathrooms had this bright green moss,

and room dividers made of what looked like braided cotton ropes. Would’ve taken a photo of that but you know, pictures in the bathroom?

Then we walked across the city to the Heineken brewery,

went home and took some time lapse video while eating a grilled cheese sandwich, then went to a cafe and drank Fanta and watched music videos and surfed the net.

That night, we roamed around the city and tried to soak up the preciousness.

While walking around I heard classical music coming from an open apartment window, and saw an older couple dancing in their living room. It was one of the most enchanting and blissful moments of my life. I wouldn’t have dared to whip out the camera.

We also got ice cream at a place called “Australia”, and then went to a jazz club and listened to a great blues band.

I loved everything about Amsterdam, every second of it. Okay, I could’ve done without the disgusting place we stayed at. It was actually so bad, that we didn’t take another shower before leaving, because nothing could have been as bad as that bathroom.

All photos taken in Amsterdam: