I didn’t take any photos on this day… how is that possible?

I do remember it though. Becca and I were both just so ready to leave Berlin, and it didn’t help that we had to change a couple of Metros to get to the giant Hopbanhof that was four stories high and stifling hot. It was the biggest hassle to try to find a place to get something to eat, drink, all with our stuff strapped to our backs and standing in food lines 20 people deep. IN THE HEAT.

Once we got our stuff, we went up to our platform to wait for our train. Something happened on the way to Amsterdam though. It wasn’t like the trip hadn’t been good up to that point, but there was a serious change in the tone from the time we started going through those Dutch windmill fields of tulips and daffodils. Arriving into Amsterdam is kind of like entering a fairy tale. The train was this double decker carrier where the first level was really low, and the windows were right at street level. Even the trains were different and quirky. Maybe it was that I finally got used to our situation, and stopped being so uneasy and on edge. Maybe it was that I was getting over my cold! All I know is, I gave myself over to the experience and just enjoyed myself to the highest extent from this point on, and Amsterdam was the perfect place to start.