Day 2 in Berlin was for exploring, and eating some great German food. We again stopped at the grocery store and picked up some libations to drink on the bus, and then caught the main city line that took us all around the main parts of the city. Although the previous day was hot and humid, this day was gray and rainy and damp. We dodged the rain here and there while spending a lot of time at the city’s Berlin Wall 20th anniversary display at the Alexanderplatz, which had the full timelined history of the wall and it’s collapse in 1989.

We went to the area where Checkpoint Charlie was, but for some reason we completely missed what the actual thing was and thought the gift shop was what the attraction was. We completely missed that there was still a standing literal “checkpoint”. We found this out the next day.

We also stopped at a restaurant and had some more schnitzel and spaetzle, because since we were leaving Germany for good in another day, we had to get our fill of the deliciousness in.

The rainy day ended by going to the Alexanderplatz shopping center and hanging out amongst thousands of Berliners.

And sticking our tired feet in the fountain, while eating cupcakes.

Back at the hostel, we hung out with a pilot from Jamaica, a group of Australians and Brits, and even a couple Americans. Beers were only 4 euros there, so we decided to stay in instead of dealing with the rain outside.