Strangely enough, this was the only photo I took on this day:

The train ride from Munich to Berlin takes about 8 hours, and this part of the trip was at the height of my sickness. All I remember from this day was getting to the giant Berlin Hopbanhof, the weather being really warm, and the metro stations were intimidating and made us hold all of our things extra close. When we got to the stop where our hostel was, we made friends with these three Australian girls who were following us because they assumed we were going to the same hostel. We eventually found it, and I think I probably took a long nap when we got there because I was so exhausted and I don’t sleep on trains. Thankfully, the place we were staying at was a party hostel with several bars and lounges, and so Bexadler had plenty of distractions while I rested and tried to feel better.

In my travel journal, I did have this little passage written:

“Things I will never forgive Europe for: warm milk, no free water at restaurants, NO ICE, charging to use the bathroom, lack of deodorant/BO, expensiveness, weird tasting ketchup and ranch, 6 eu for a soda.”