On this day we started off by going shopping around Munich for a headband for me (bangs were getting annoying) and to pick up some basics like leggings and tee shirts at American Apparel. Then we headed to the giant Farmer’s Market near the Marienplatz to soak in the deliciousness and take lots of pictures.

We bought some various breads and fruits and dips and beer and then hopped on the city bus and took a tour around the city while getting buzzed at Noon (did I mention how much I love Germany???).

We went to the Englischer Garten, the biggest public park in Europe, and had ourselves a picnic. While there, we did mundane things like sat on a park bench and watched two bees in an intense fight on the cement, saw naked children who were way too old to be naked in public prance around like wood nymphs in the creek while groups of men in business suits walked by on their lunch hour, and then we walked through the sunbathing section of the park,

where Bexadler took these stealth iphone pics of some colorful characters.

The problem with getting drunk in the park all day is that you will have to eventually need to use the restroom, and there weren’t any here. So, we hiked over to the edge of the park and found a medical school that we pretended to be attending so we could use the bathroom, and then after we went back into the park we realized there was a beer garden not too far away with public facilities.

I was pretty tired from a day at the park, so we went back to our place and I took a nap while Becca met up with a friend from her time living in Paris who now lives in Munich. She later texted me and said that they were going to come pick me up to go to a beer garden for dinner (thanks for the European text charge, drunken Bexadler!). So they came and met me along with a couple other friends, one being a pilot for Air France who was a complete jerk and we ended up arguing across the table all night. I’m not a big “yay America” American, but the way he was so uppity about Europe vs. America and down on women was really getting on my nerves and I was kind of in the mood to give him some attitude back.

The “stein truck”.

Here are all the photos taken in Munich.