This is the old town square in Prague, and it’s right down the way from where we were staying. Even though it was scary and shabby, I was pretty happy that I got to walk through this area every day and see such ancient architecture.

We did a lot of exploring around the city on this day and tried to see as much as we could,

including the Charles Bridge

with some of the most incredible statues lining it,

and the Prague Castle, which was up on a hill where you could see a panoramic view of the whole historic part of the city.

The best thing we saw that day for me, was the Dancing House, the first Frank Gehry buildings I’d been looking forward to seeing in person. When I was taking art and design classes in college, they show you a million different “important” buildings all over the world, and only so many stick with you. I never thought I’d get a chance to see many of these places in my lifetime, which is one of the reasons why this trip was so meaningful for me.

These are all the images I shot straight from my memory card of the Czech Republic.