There are a lot of emotions associated with the memories of being in the Czech Republic.

I’ll spare you, but let’s just say that Becca is a person who is very comfortable “roughing it”, and she couldn’t wait to get out of this country.

We woke up and experienced the amazing Eastern European breakfast at the hostel, and it was:

day old rolls with giant chunks of salt that crunch

yogurt that tasted like it was a hundred years old and had an expiration date of several months ago

cereal that was inedible because all European milk is ultra-pasturized, which means it was served in jugs that could be left out for two years before it expires, therefore it was room temperature. (I’ll pause while you barf- I didn’t drink milk for five weeks of my life)

sweaty bologna slices, and cheese slices

disgusting watered down orange juice

We headed out to Kutna Hura to see the bone church, a cathedral made of bones excavated from mass graves from the plague. Mmmhmmm!

Becca and I needed to lift our spirits somehow, so we took pictures of each other showing disgust at the extreme train downgrade from Germany.

Kutna Hura wasn’t worth going to, and by the time we’d been in the direct sun and heat and stinkiness all day, we just couldn’t wait to get back to Prague to find something to eat, sunscreen, medicine, and some bottled water and try to get some sleep.

August 15th can be summed up as a BAD MOOD day for the both of us.