Briana and I worked together a few years ago, and when our mutual friend Alexis asked me if I’d be interested in photographing her wedding, all I had to do was think back to a St. Patrick’s Day I spent with her and her fiance once and remembered how fun they were. Answer: YES.

When we discussed how she was looking for something very “non-traditional”, and how she wanted to take pre-wedding pictures in a graveyard, I was like, DOUBLE YES. To say that it was fun to shoot George and Briana on their retro themed wedding day, is an understatement.

We started out at Briana’s Mom’s house to take a few “getting ready” pictures,

Then Steph and I hopped in the car with Briana to pick up George and go to the graveyard.

We could’ve spent a lot more time there, but we had to get to the Capitol steps to meet up with the bridal party.

George and Bri with George’s adorable kids.

All the guests gathered in the Capitol rose garden for the sweet and family oriented ceremony,

and then we got one big group shot of all the guests,

and then some family photos by the bamboo before heading to the Delta King.

The bride and groom enjoyed the cocktail hour on the deck during sunset,

and then we pulled them away for a quick photo shoot around the trains.

George absolutely cracks me up.

There were some funny and heartfelt speeches after dinner, and a touching first dance.

The  it was time to push the tables aside, turn down the lights, and turn up the music. Steph and I looked for a spot to set up a makeshift photo booth for guests to play around with the props and have some fun. The lights were very low, we didn’t have much space, and did our best to find a decent backdrop, but I think these are some of the most fun shots of the night.

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Ferry! You guys are awesome, and pretty amazing models.

For some of my partner Steph’s amazing shots, go here.