Day 2 in Hawaii wasn’t quite as busy, but we still saw 5 venues and had a pretty packed day. The first stop was a resort called the Mauna Kea, and it pretty much blew the previous locations out of the water.

Steph had sent me pictures of the hotel before we went, and I knew I was going to like it since it was built in 1965 and had that Asian mid-century vibe, with a touch of Elvis in “Blue Hawaii”.

All four of us were immediately smitten by the blue tile floors, the absolutely incredible beach, and the clean-lined architecture.

We thought we’d found the spot, but then our next appointment was at the most precious spot on earth that was not only less expensive, but also at a higher elevation (much cooler)… a place called Anna Ranch.

Steph and I immediately saw a million and a half photo ops, and it just screamed DIY/ranch/indie wedding. Just what we were looking for.

To juxtapose the preciousness, there was also a slaughterhouse and barn on the property, that both had extremely eerie vibes (but kinda cool at the same time).

On top of all this, it was lush and green and had a million different kinds of flowers everywhere. I could see this wedding in my head immediately and was loving it.

However, it might be a little too rustic and a whole lot less luxurious than the Mauna Kea, so nothing is decided yet. Both will make incredible spots for a wedding.

Just for fun, we stopped by the Marriott resort and took a look around. Not a viable option, but it was pretty, nonetheless.

For dinner, we went to this incredible seafood restaurant called Roy’s to celebrate Steph’s birthday.

Before going back home, Steph, Barb and I went to the ridiculously huge Hilton resort to take a look around.

Then I made Steph strike a pose on the stairs before we left.