I spent this past Saturday morning with an awesome family with an adorable house and adorable kids. This is Katie, their newborn with big blue eyes.

Erik and Elizabeth are Katie’s parents, and they provided a delicious breakfast spread for the shoot. They’re friends of my friend Amy, who hooked us up (and assisted). Thanks Amy!

The faces Katie was making were cracking me up. If she wasn’t chewing on her fist, she was sticking her tongue out at me.

And then she got tuckered, and passed out.

I was so excited that I caught one of the smiles her Dad got out of her!

Erik and Elizabeth also have a son named Eli, quite possibly the cutest 3 year old around.

Sometimes he wanted his picture taken,

and sometimes he was shy.

Eli showed me his puppet show in the backyard,

and then we took some quick family photos before Eli decided he was over it.

I’m so in love with this picture below.

I’m always a fan of Eriks with a “k”, and Elizabeth, your refusal to kiss your husband in the family photos was a direct line to my heart. You guys are the best, and you make really cute kids!