My friend Amy and her boyfriend Andrew (and their cat, Harry) just moved into a new apartment, and so I was enlisted to provide a little help.

I’m  in love with Amy’s vintage turquoise typewriter and adorable pink reading glasses.

They wanted a bright, happy vibe, but kinda minimalist at the same time.

Amy and I thrifted some frames that we filled with some graphic prints and wallpaper that I had left over from a previous job. The day we painted, we sent Andrew to the store to buy a much lighter version of the living room paint color,  and he came back with this great celedon green. I’m kind of obsessed with it, and really impressed with Andrew’s paint choosing ability.

We made a faux roman shade for above the kitchen sink with some fabric I had.

Andrew and Amy did an awesome job picking out really bold, bright paint colors for the apartment. I helped them decide which room to paint, and the most tricky color to place was the teal. I thought it might look cool in the kitchen, and although it’s messy, it’s still super cute.

Amy had the idea to paint the back kitchen door with chalkboard paint, which she could write meal plans on and showcase her fabulous handwriting- she loves her own handwriting, and is not at all ashamed to admit it.

Amy’s a very active and popular blogger, and loves her some coffee- so this print pretty much screams her.

Andrew was in charge of picking out the shower curtain, and he did a pretty awesome job of tying the seafoam green and peach tile together, if you ask me.

We tried a couple of different positions for the furniture in the bedroom, because having two corner windows butting up against each other is a bit awkward for bed placement.

I had given these pillows to Amy for her last place, and the yellow one matched the yellow paint, exactly. We found some pillow cases that pulled the colors together really nicely. We also got drapes, but they’re not hung yet because we only bought two panels accidentally instead of four.

I gave her one of my paintings to add some visual interest to the empty walls.

I also gave them some fabric I had laying around to make pillows out of- hopefully she’ll make them instead of just leaving them wrapped around pillow forms (hint, hint… 🙂 All the window treatments and drapery hardware we found at super cheap-ey stores. I swept in and kinda did my tazmanian devil arranging thing, and voila! Cute, bright, simple.