Yesterday afternoon I went over to my friend Kristin’s house to hang out for a bit and meet her new baby, Sophia. She’s not only absolutely adorable, but but also just so happy and playful. We took a few minutes before I left to snap some shots of her in her super cute pink bedroom.

Check out those eyelashes!

I really just can’t get enough chunky baby arms and thighs in my life.

Her face in this one really cracks me up.

Baby feet really aren’t bad either.

Kristin’s dog Abby was hanging out with us and loves Sophia so much. Sophia just stares at her and it’s hilarious.

There was a lot of fist chewing going on in this position.

I think she was channeling Popeye in this shot.

I hope we can get the whole family together for a shoot, because Mom, Dad, and big brother are just as adorable as Sophia is. Thanks Kristin!