I was honored to photograph my friend Aimee’s wedding last month, along with the professional that they’d already hired before she’d found this blog (hi Aimee!). Since I’d never done a wedding before, it was kind of great to have the backup of knowing there was a “real” photog just in case I didn’t get any winners. As extra insurance, I asked Steph to come with me. I knew between the two of us we could pull off some great shots.

Steph and I hung out with the bride as she got ready before the wedding while the other photog was doing a bunch of shots with the groom and his family and friends.

Thank goodness I brought Steph, who reminded me to get a hairspray shot and a “shoot through the arms in the mirror” shot.

It was so great to see Aimee’s parents, Annie and Frank, who were always so welcoming to me through high school. I was at their house constantly and even went on some family trips with them.

It was also awesome to see Megan again, Aimee’s best friend and maid of honor.

Since there were so many “photographers”, we just worked around the pro and tried to pull the newly married couple aside whenever we could (that wouldn’t be inconvenient or uncomfortable for anyone). We tried not to take up too much time, but also didn’t want to miss any opportunities- Aimee asked us to take pictures for a reason, and we had to deliver!

The coolest thing about the Grand Island Mansion is that it’s super duper old, and very “Great Gatsby”-like.

Steph and I had to take some pics of each other after dinner in the reception area before the rest of the guests headed downstairs.

Thankfully, I had bought a flash for my camera that day before the wedding. My camera doesn’t even have a built-in flash- at all- so I wouldn’t have gotten any shots once the sun went down and we were inside. I’m still learning how to use it and bounce light off the walls, and I may or may not have blinded Steph by pointing the flash in her face. She forgave me. The other thing I had to get used to was the “warm-up” time between flashes, so some of the pictures I took were without flash. There were still some good ones, but a little blurry at times.

Yes, this one has blown out highlights, but I still like it. Aimee’s looking right at me!

The night ended with a great big group hug- so sweet!

Aimee and Brett were on cloud nine, and so incredibly right for each other. You can just tell these things.

All in all, it was such a great learning experience! How to manage your time, which angles to get, how to comfortably pull people aside for pictures without being annoying, etc. I loved it! I’ve also never been so dehydrated and sore the next day from all the crouching down. It was awesome though, and I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks Aimee, we appreciate it so much!


Go here to view Steph’s best shots of the day.