For my final project class in college I did a series of drawings and paintings of iconic scenes from movies set in New York City. One of those drawings was from the opening sequence of the Woody Allen film “Manhattan” (best movie opening ever, btw), of the Empire Diner in Chelsea.

Strangely enough, the diner was closing for good on May 16th, while we were gonna be in NY. I’d hoped we could eat there, but it didn’t end up working out. But I did get to see the inside through the window on Monday on the way back to the apartment from high line park.

Before meeting back up with Becca, Steph and I went to Crumbs to get a bunch of cupcakes to bring back home. Yes, I did bring an entire carry-on bag that could contain all three of our huge containers of sweets.

But I’m sorry, Crumbs cupcakes are the most delicious cupcakes on the face of the earth. Unreal.

We packed up all of our stuff, left the apartment and grabbed a taxi to Grand Central Station.

We all had some lunch, and then Becca and I went in search of photo-op areas. Believe it or not, the hundreds of people bustling about everywhere make you feel a little self conscious when you’re posing like an idiot.

But we managed to snap a few before giving up.

When we were done we joined Captain Matt Damon at the La Guardia Chili’s Too and had some margs and apps, (30 Rock, anyone?) and said goodbye to New York for now.