Our plane was scheduled to leave on Monday night at 6PM, and I was determined to get as much out of our last day in the city as we could. Becca had some homework to do all morning until we had to check out of the apartment at 1PM. Stephanie and I hopped out the window to the fire escape and took some pictures of each other and the amazing street with a view of the Empire State building.

Then we went to the Chelsea Market, which is a gorgeous multi-level high-end shopping center. Upstairs from the market is access to the High Line Park, a raised public garden and walkway that stretches tens of blocks. It offers interesting views of the urban landscape from a different perspective than ground level does (obviously).

None of the views are so picturesque that the place would be constantly crowded with tourists, but if you like to see industrial views mixed with nature, then you would like it.

It wasn’t crowded at all, in fact, it was probably the most peaceful place I’ve been in the whole city. The only people around were locals, and a few school children who were tending their gardens with their teacher.

It was so uncrowded and safe, that we could set our cameras up on a timer from far away and not worry that they’d be kicked or messed with or stolen.

High Line Park was one of my favorite things I’ve done in New York, for sure.