I had a few shops picked out that I had to visit while in NY, and while many of them we didn’t make it to, I’m so glad we got to go to a little shop called Lovely.

It’s in a brownstone in the most picturesque street in the heart of Greenwich Village (near the Sex and the City apartment, which we may or may not have gone to see while pretending not to be tourists checking out the stoop like the other idiots taking pictures in front of it while the locals asked alound, ‘does anyone have any shame???’)

I read about this shop on one of my favorite photo blogs, that featured it when it opened two months ago. If I ever turned into the type to want a wedding, I would fly to New York and get everything here. I just loved everything about it. It was just my style.

It’s the perfect mix of vintage, alternative, feminine, and quirky.

And even though bridal shops require appointments, the owner and staff member let us come in and take pictures and look around as much as we wanted. We couldn’t have met nicer people in the whole city, and I’m so happy for them that their little shop is doing well already.

Not sure I’ve ever seen anything so precious.

After roaming around the village for a little while, we headed back up to Chelsea to the Upright Citizens Brigade theater to stand in line for tickets for the free Asscats show that night. It was the most fun part of our trip last time, so we had to try to get in again. However, last time we stood in line for tickets for two hours, and it was 20 degrees out and windy. So we had to make sure to get there early because it was perfect weather this time.

Each of us took turns standing in line while the other two either went back to the apartment, got food, went to the bathroom, or went exploring (me). The iconic Empire Diner was closing that day forever, so I walked over six blocks to check it out.

The diner wasn’t closed yet that day, and was bustling with many patrons, so I didn’t take any good pictures. I snapped a few of the surroundings instead, and took lots of video.

There were several housing projects on the route from the theater to the diner, and I walked up to one of the convex mirrors to take a self portrait.

We ended up getting tickets to the show, and it was even more fun and amazing than I remembered. If you’re in NY on a Sunday night- go see the Asscats. They will not disappoint, and you will see the funniest show of your life.