Sunday is the day of worship, and although I’m not the worshipping type, we wanted to go to a Baptist church in Harlem to observe a service. So we did!

The church I planned on was the Abyssinian Church, and although we got there bright and early with time to spare, there was a line around the entire length of the block for “visitors”. I guess my vision of being the only white out-of-towners in attendance was laughable. We stood in the line for a few minutes, but then saw another church across the street that had people loading in without having to stand in line. So we decided to jump ship and go over there.

After the service, we went down to 116th street to Amy Ruth’s for some soul food. Thank god we booked it straight there before the bulk of the after church crowds, because we got a table right away. When we left there was a huge line outside.

We wanted to go see Stephanie’s dad’s old apartment from when he went to Columbia, and also wanted to go to the Malcolm Shabazz market, but both of those things were going to require intense navigation and tens of blocks of walking. Again, we decided to cut our losses and just head back downtown to go thrift store shopping. But before we left Harlem, we found this red door that went with my bag perfectly so we did a little photoshoot in which I had absolutely one expression on my face. Then we got a stern talking to from a woman inside the door telling us not to take pictures of people without asking first. Apparently she didn’t realize we were taking pictures of ourselves, not her.

^photos above taken by Steph^

musicians in the subway

^photo by Steph^

^photo by Becca^

We got off the subway at the flatiron building across from the real Madison Square Garden, which the girls hadn’t gotten to see last time we were in NY.

There are these crazy “men” that stand at the top of all the buildings surrounding this square, and they’re really creepy. Steph looked up what they signified, but I forgot and am too lazy to look it up again.

Then we saw some kind of horror club crossing the street.

^all horror photos by Steph^

Then we roamed around the lower east side, wandering through thrift stores and looking for tattoo parlors for Becca. We got another stern talking to from a shop owner about taking pictures inside, so we were a bit disheartened about photography. Next: Greenwich Village.