Saturday was a true “Big Apple” day.

Steph and I got a Sunrise/Sunset pass for the “Top of the Rock”, which is going up to the top of Rockefeller Center. It’s touted as the best view of the city, because you get centered views of uptown and downtown. Much better than going up to the Empire State Building, because when you go up there, you don’t see the Empire State Building. Sure wish the Chrysler Building wasn’t blocked. The above picture is of the top of the building at the first viewing mezzanine. It opens at 8am, so we went up right at 8.

I’m so glad we went up right away, because as we’d learn at our Sunset session, it becomes a mad house.

The view of the park is awesome.

If you think 8am is early to get up to go to Top of the Rock, well, we’d already been at Rockefeller Center since 5:45am. Yes. Standing in line until 7:30 for SNL tickets, along with all the yahoos who had camped out overnight for the season finale. I think Becca’s face tells the story of our fatigue, especially since we’d gone to bed after 1am the night before.

We took turns standing in line, while Steph went to Times Square, I walked around 30 Rock, and Becca went in search of band-aids. Walking around cities is hard on your feet, for real.

If you’ve ever spent any time around the Rockefeller Center grounds, you feel like you’re in an episode of 30 Rock- I know, how weird, right?

^photo by Bex^

After we got our stand-by tickets, we did some shopping, and then went over to Bar Americain- one of our most amazing dining experiences from last time- for brunch.

After that we checked out the street fair that was going on in Times Square,

^photo by Steph^

then headed uptown to the Guggenheim,

and then spent a couple of hours in Central Park on a petty cab, driven by Alex, our Serbian tour guide. (That is not Alex, above).

Alex took us on the most hilarious “celebrity and movie” tour of the park, which wasn’t at all what we were looking for, but soon decided to just go with it and let Alex do his thing. Every time he would stop for a photo op at a famous landmark, we would start shooting regular people, which I’m pretty sure confused him a lot.

We still did cheesy poses in front of cheesy things (like the “Friends” fountain, above), but I mean seriously, is this really a place to take a picture? It’s not only horrible lighting, way too far away, and has construction materials behind it, but what would we do with this picture? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Alex, especially when he started yelling profanities at regular people for standing in our cheesy group shot to get them to move, in his thick, scary, Serbian accent.

One of the best things Alex did was flip on his boombox whenever he was taking us to a famous place, like when he played “Strawberry Fields” on the way to Strawberry Fields. My favorite song he played though, was the “Ghostbusters” theme when he pointed out the building on Central Park West.

While we were at Strawberry Fields, Becca got in a fight with a homeless drunk. While Stephanie and I were in a running stance about 50 yards away peeing ourselves with fear, it didn’t seem to faze Becca as this man screamed in her face. Then she walked up to another homeless person and gave them money while smiling at the guy she rejected. Oh, how very different we are.

For dinner, we went to another of my Food Network finds, a restaurant called E.A.T. on the Upper East Side. Ina Garten had said on an episode of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Cheese”, that her favorite cheese meal was the grilled cheese and Tuscan Tomato soup from E.A.T. Okay, the cheapest glass of wine was $16 and my food was $27, but my god… not sure I’ve ever eaten anything so simple that I fantasized about for days after (and I also may have tried to duplicate immediately at home, unsuccessfully).

Can’t even explain to you how much Steph and I were drooling over this meal.

After standing in the SNL line and once again, not getting in (super sad face), Steph and I headed up to our Sunset view of Top of the Rock. I didn’t get any usable pictures from this time, because there were 1,391,455 people elbow to elbow, and no one was moving or making room for my ginormous camera and me. I know, rude! Steph somehow jumped over some barrier and got an overhead view where she could take some minute long exposures, so she thankfully got some shots.

After that, we met up with drunken Bex at the pub down the street from our apartment, got some wine, and went home to listen to the CD some street vendor had given us for free. And it was awesome. As soon as my video maker starts working right (!!!) maybe I’ll make a vid with one of the songs as the score.