I have a thing for the Brooklyn Bridge.

The last time I scheduled a trip for New York, I had us go to the bridge at night. This time, I wanted sunset pictures.

It was intermittently raining and then clear by the time we got to the bridge, so sometimes it was dark, and then the clouds would clear and give this incredible light.

However, looking toward the bridge, it was always dark and created a silhouette of the skyline- which was what I wanted. I plan my travels around photo ops if you haven’t already figured it out.

I also had the lensbaby on for a bit, which was creating this super saturated affect when the sun came out.

I wanted us to walk along the river to get some pictures of the bridge and skyline from below, but again, time did not permit.

Then the sun set, and it was time to seek out some good food because it was feeding time. I’d planned on us eating at Vinegar Hill House, which wasThe Guardian’s #1 on a list of 50 coolest places to eat in the world, and it was only about a half mile from the bridge. The route we took had the projects to the right and old abandoned industrial buildings that were in the process of being turned into flats on the left. Once we got there, we were told it was going to be a million hour wait to eat, and even though the vintage decor, acclaimed menu, and incredible hipster people-watching opportunity, we had to seek out alternative dining. So we headed out to an Italian place in Clinton Hill called Graziella’s that was my back-up place to eat (I’d seen on the Food Network). Unfortunately, we had to walk through the projects and sketchy neighborhoods (in the dark!) to get there.

But I sure am glad I made it to the bridge in time.