^above photos by Steph^

On Friday, we went to lunch at a Japanese noodle restaurant in the East Village that we’d been to before, called Ippudo. It was such good food last time that we had to go back, especially since Steph is a soup/broth lover.

Yes, that is a soft boiled egg in my soup.

After lunch, we headed to the subway station to go to Brooklyn. We took a second to take advantage of the great light and greenery outside of the restaurant.

^photo above by Bexadler^

Once we got to Brooklyn, it was very Brooklyn. Which I love. We decided to shoot some of the colorful surroundings.

I had a lot planned for our day in Brooklyn, but it’s just so hard to follow a schedule even when you prepare with directions and have iphones to navigate everywhere. I was trying to take us to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and thought I was taking us there but was really taking us through Prospect Park. It’s a good thing I found this great tree we could play around on and take some pictures.

^photo above by Steph^

Once we walked a little longer through the park (which was beautiful), we realized we weren’t seeing an entrance to the garden so we hiked through the forest and tried to find a way out (it was 80 degrees and muggy that day- walking any further wasn’t an option), so we found a fence to hop along a main road. As you can see, it was ridiculous, especially since about 500 feet down the road there was a full opening that we could’ve walked through.

Across the street was the garden, where we took several millions of pictures which is why this is a two-parter.