had to bring my old lady specs, naturally.

Last Thursday Becca and I flew to New York City for a five day getaway with Steph. She was already there for work, so the first half of our first day in the city was just the two of us. We checked into the apartment we rented in Chelsea, had some beers at the Irish pub across the street, went to the Upper East Side and the Frick museum, and then headed back down to Times Square to get half price Broadway tickets.

^iphone tilt-shift app ^

Times Square was packed, because the TKTS line for half price tickets is only open for two hours a day and there are about 1,435,358 people in the line right in the center of the street.

I stood in line for about 2 hours, so the only photo taking op I had in Times Square was from the line.

^ photo by Bexadler ^

Thankfully, the dressed up characters buzzing around the line were hilarious and entertaining, especially this guy from the show La Cage aux Folles. Fabulous doesn’t even cut it.

Then his friend from Cabaret joined our little impromptu photoshoot. LOVED THEM.

^ photo by Stepheee24 ^ (from the lobby of our apartment)

Once we met back up with Steph at the apartment, we were starving and needed to be fed. Unfortunately, we had to eat at another Irish grill and bar because as much as you try to plan a trip hour by hour, you don’t always have time to get places in Manhattan on time at certain times of the day. Poor Becca didn’t get her food until it was 30 minutes before curtain. She had to choke down her food,

^ photo by Stepheee24 ^

while Steph and I had another drink or two.

^ iphone- tilt-shift, hipstamatic, oldcamera ^

We met up with two of Stephanie’s coworker friends to see Promises, Promises at the beautiful Broadway Theater with Sean Hayes and Kristen Chenoweth, and it was AMAZING! The singing, the dancing, the costumes, the stage design… perfection. We couldn’t take pictures inside the theater, plus I didn’t bring my big camera to the theater after a whole day of carting it around, so I just had my camera phone.

^ photo by Stepheee24 ^

Afterward, we went home and passed out after an exhausting day of red-eye flights, a million miles of walking and standing in lines, and quite a few alcoholic beverages 🙂