Last night after work I walked over to the cemetery and rose garden down the street to snap some pictures as the sun went down. Best time of day for lighting.

The little church attached to the cemetery had the gate open, so I walked down the paths and snapped some shots of headstones and such. Kinda creepy, so I didn’t stay long.

I can’t believe I never noticed this headstone that’s at the front, with the name Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy).

I’m loving the new camera, but there are still many things I need to learn about it, but reading manuals makes my eyes cross. Oh, and I found out that the $140 polarizer filter I bought for my lens isn’t arriving until the second day I’m in New York next week. NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT. Guess I’ll just have to skip any photos of store display windows, and I won’t have the vibrant greens and blues I love about the polarizer. Photoshop just doesn’t duplicate what a filter can do. Bummer.