Bexadler and I went to San Francisco this past Monday to the Sarah Silverman book signing, and on our way there we stopped by a field in Davis to have a photoshoot. Yes, we planned for it, as you can see Bexadler had several outfit changes. You might ask why I take so many pictures of Bexadler- the answer is that she loves having her picture taken, and she’s quite the ham once you get her comfortable.

I recently switched the manual aperture on my lensbaby to F11 from F4, and it’s a whole lot easier to see through the lens what the photograph will turn out like. I’m way loving the lensbaby these days.

The commuters and bikers passing us on the road during this outfit change were understandably concerned and/or fascinated.

Colorful hats are a photograph’s best friend.

Teal Cavalier in the background? I couldn’t resist.

Then things got silly, as they often do,

and then she threw her hat up and it got stuck in the thistle.

Only got a couple of me, but I’m way into getting photos from the back of someone when there’s a view. One of my goals on my shot list while traveling was to get a bunch of these when we were at a fantastic place, but I completely forgot to. Big regret, but I guess I’ll try to remember from now on.