I left my phone at Becca’s house on Friday night, so to get it back on Saturday, I met her at a tattoo shop where she was getting her much anticipated shoulder blade tattoo. Makes sense, right?

The shop she chose was on Freeport Blvd in a strip mall. Kinda random, but they didn’t try to redesign the tattoo that she wanted and make the writing a banner instead of detailed shapes like she asked for (I’m talking to you, Forever Tattoo). P.S., Becca with a banner? I don’t think so.

Shawn was her tattoo artist, and I liked him simply because he didn’t make me feel like an idiot taking a million pictures of the shop, his station, and the whole tattoo session.

It was time to put on a hospital gown and the stencil,

and settle into the chair,

and then get down to business.

Christa was also there, and once her girlfriend Michelle showed up we took a break and went in search of refreshments for a little bit. When we came back, they went home and I stuck around to shoot the shop and wait for the color to be finished.

This is a mannekin head with a balding wig on it, a devil mask, and a “New Moon” Burger King crown. Creative.

Finally, the color was done! It actually didn’t take that much longer.

The final product!

It reads, “Not all those who wander are lost”. Definitely fitting for Bexadler.

Next tattoo plan for B: covering up her tramp stamp. I’ve been enlisted to come up with a design, so hopefully I can think of something that works better than a lower back butterfly tattoo, circa 1999.