On the sixth day, it snowed!

There had been thunder and lightning storms all weekend, and then Monday morning we woke up to a layer of white. And COLD.

We actually left before Noon that day because Becca had a final, so we took a bus up to her university which sits up on a hill and has some really beautiful grounds.

I roamed around campus and the community surrounding it for an hour or two.

See me?

Sometimes I like ghosting effects with HDR like this one.

After meeting back up, we went down to Taxsim Square to check out the place during the day.

As per usual, whenever I saw an interesting wall I’d make Becca pose for an impromtu photo shoot. While we were there, these French people ran up and started posing and taking pictures and interrupting our little bit of privacy needed for Becca to actually pose in public. The outtakes show a none-too-happy Becca, which absolutely cracks me up.

Sagittarius. Too bad she isn’t a Leo.

Then we took the bus to this area I’d seen on a previous bus ride that has an incredible panoramic view of a portion of Istanbul, and while there we discovered this orange painted stone wall that I of course made her pose in front of.

I can’t remember the story behind these- I think I was just getting silly because when I try to pose normal I just look uncomfortable.

We were so lucky to be at the right place at the right time, when the sun was setting, casting a golden glow through the grey clouds and down over the grey city.

I’m no photoshop genius, so I don’t know how to get rid of the lines where I stitched these together. Any tips?

This is a section I cropped from the panoramic that tickled me 🙂

Next, we hopped on a bus that we thought was headed toward the Grand Bazaar, but we were on the wrong one so we jumped off and found the correct bus. It wasn’t leaving for a half hour, so we whipped out the lensbaby and played around with the sunset backdrop.

Eventually, we got to the Grand Bazaar, where we had eyes much bigger than our wallets,

both of us really wanted to buy a plate or bowl, but thankfully we came to our senses and just had fun bartering.

The night before we’d asked her roommates girlfriend for recommendations for a cheap Hamam, and she told us of one on the Asian side. So we took another ferry,

and then once we got over there we followed the tradition of asking for “Turkish directions” to find the place. That means walking a few blocks and then asking a store owner or person on the street for which way to go, and then asking someone else, and so on and so on until you get there.

This took us down many interesting streets.

Once we got to the Hamam, it was closed. Strike 2!  The other places hours were til Midnight, so we hoped this place would be the same. So we planned on going back the next day, much earlier. We may or may not have gone to the grocery store to buy potato chips, numerous types of cookies, diet coke and wine for our dinner… ate it, and then felt like absolute poo. Oh, and watched “Unstrung Heroes” and cried.

If you’re noticing that I took a whole lot more pictures on this day, it’s probably because we woke up and got out of the house by 8:30am. Makes a big difference.