Again, we had a late start to the day. I wanted to try Turkish Coffee so we went to this coffee/dessert restaurant and I had my coffee and ordered a dessert plate for my breakfast/lunch. The plate consisted of about 5 or 6 different Turkish desserts (baklava kinda stuff), and a “slice” of ice cream.

This day began our search of an affordable Hamam (Turkish bath house) for a massage. We walked across the street to where we thought one was, and as it turns out it wasn’t really there or was being repaired or something. Strike one. So we walked a little further along to go to a little bazaar that Becca frequents often, and while perusing shops with beautiful fabrics and ceramics that I wanted to spend $1,419,732 on, a little jewelry store owner that recognized her pulled us inside for a visit and some chai.

We proceeded to hang with these guys for an hour or so, Me bartering for a bracelet, a ring and two evil eye magnets,

and Becca playing a Tavla tournament which she was challenged to.

We also indulged in some hookah, and then Becca proceeded to barter to buy a hookah that she couldn’t afford even if they came down from 165TL to 10TL.

Next, we roamed around a bit, looking for interesting things and people watching.

Notice the weird Santa. I was fascinated with the Turks fascination with Santa even though they don’t celebrate Christmas, and also Christmas was already over but the presence of Santa hats and weird Santa mannekins were abundant.

We found another Hamam at the end of our walk, but it was a historic one in a very touristy area so it was going to be 100TL for the whole treatment. Since neither of us have deep pockets we decided to ask her roommates girlfriend for a recommendation and try the next day.

We went home and ate chips for dinner.