Day 4 got off to a late start.

We started the day off by taking a picture of these crazy weird things in front of the mall,

and then snapped a picture of these people posing in front of… traffic, a bus stop and a cemetery. This is what Becca and I call, a “framer”.

We hopped on the ferry, and headed over to the Asian side.

On the ferry we watched an awesome sunset,

then once we got to land we went in search of this restaurant called Ciya, pronounced (Chia, like the pet).

It took quite a while to find the place, but we saw lots of cool, quirky stuff all over.

including lots of open air markets, with fish and produce.

The restaurant was awesome. We ate a vegetable dish sampler, and some kebab with fresh pita. None of the vegetable dishes were recognizable in any way, shape or form, but they all tasted amazing!

Update: I believe this was the night we went to see Avatar at the movie theater in the mall, which was a bad idea because a) the subtitles for when the Na’vi spoke were in Turkish, and b) we were assigned two seats in the second row, so we had to watch a 3D movie from two feet away with our heads craned ALL THE WAY back, and c) I need to wear glasses to watch a movie and 3D glasses over my regular glasses is bad news.