Day 2 started out with Christa and me heading to the mall for some food and hijinx with her little gnome friend, Bob. After that, we headed toward the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia.

We had to cover our heads to go inside of the Blue Mosque, so Christa just pulled the flaps down on her hat, and I used my pashmina scarf to wrap around my head. While waiting in line to go inside, I noticed the great light that was making Christa’s eyes look golden, and of course, I had to whip out my camera to document it.

Next we went to the Hagia Sofia, a Mosque I first saw in Art History 1A that I remember writing myself a note to try to see once in my life, but when I realized it was in Turkey I assumed I’d never see. Weird how things work out…

snapped this one through a window at sunset

Christa and I had our share of crowds that day, so we walked over to a fountain to have a snack and rest for a few minutes. I took it as my cue to roam around and snap some random shots.

While walking to the tram, the speakers from a nearby Mosque were blaring full blast for the call for prayer. I whipped out my camera to catch some footage to try to show how loud and commanding it is.

Later that night, we headed back down to Taxsim to watch the New Years Eve festivities. I wanted to see the fireworks down by the water, but it just wasn’t in the cards for that night. So we observed from a hill near the Metro station.

Christa had a 5am flight back to the States, so we walked her to the bus and said goodbye.