I went to a Gingerbread Party last week at my friend Bridget’s house. I’m not really a crafty person, besides the occasional sewing project- but I don’t think you can qualify sewing as crafting, right? Well it was pretty interesting, and I managed to complete a pretty adequate house (mind is the one with smarties on the front and a snowman in the front yard).

Yesterday, I went to Target to pick up some half off ornaments. Although I don’t really need more ornaments, but I’m always in the mood for better ones.

I’m most excited about the new lensbaby I got! I’ve been lusting after the lensbaby Composer for a few months now, not only because of the ultra unique effect it can create in photos, but mainly because I can use it for video. A lensbaby is a lens that creates a “sweet spot” of focus, and then you can move the lens back and forth, up or down to make a pulled or twisted effect. It’s NOT easy to use, especially when you have as awful of eyesight as I do. Since it’s all manual focus, it’s difficult to figure out when something is really in focus or not. Plus, working in low light situations does not always produce a good outcome. At this point, I have a 1 in 50 chance of getting a good photo when I’m indoors. Here’s a sample of one that turned out okay:

If you’re not familiar with lensbabies, here are some samples I found on Flickr that got me excited about the dreamy lens:





And here’s a test video I made while playing with the manual focus and twisting:

I definitely look forward to playing with my new lens on my trip this week!