My friend Amy is a very active and popular blogger, who recently asked me to take some headshots of her for some upcoming featured articles she’s writing. I happily obliged, and told her to bring over lots of clothing, scarf, hat and jewelry options. Of course, I broke out my hat and scarf wall, so we had a very colorful shoot. I was happy with all the different looks we got, and she was very happy to have an array of portrait choices for the future.

We cracked each other up by titling each shot with, “I’m a quirky blogger!”, or “I’m funky and creative, and if you don’t believe me check out my hat”, etc. One of the best things about photoshoots (for me) are the outtakes, which never fail to make me laugh. We are now collaborating on a PSA video featuring Amy’s outtakes- it will NOT be politically correct.

A few samples: