self-published, that is.

My Christmas present to myself was a photo book made by Blurb that I just received on Friday. I was seriously climbing the walls with anticipation to see how it came out.

Front cover

There is one typo (!!!!!!!!!!), and the printing was extremely heavy on the black, and some of the colors look a lot brighter than on my computer, but I guess that’s just what you have to expect with printing. There were crop guidelines along the edge of the pages while I was designing it, but they went even further than the guideline because I made sure to keep all important info within the lines. You can see that they cropped the phantom bird on the cover photo 😦 Also, there are some HDR shots that look a little muddy when they’re blown up to that size, but overall I’m very happy with it and happy to have it in my possession.

back cover

I upgraded it with all the bells and whistles (image wrapped cover, premium paper, large landscape format 11″x13″, 160 pages), and it cost just over $100. That sounds like a lot of money, but if I had printed out every one of these pictures this large, it would have been a whole lot more expensive than that. And this way I have an awesome coffee table book and not just two or three framed prints.

I brought the book to my salon yesterday to show my hair dresser, and while I was in the back sitting at the dryer waiting for my color to set, the salon was having a catered lunch from Dos Coyotes for their Christmas party. So, my hairdresser brought me a plate and sat next to me, along with all the other girls at the salon who were sitting at the hair dryers and washers to be able to eat. I had the book perched on the table next to me, and one of the girls came over and sat down on my other side, and put her glass of coke and plate of greasy Mexican food ON MY BOOK.

*Cue the panic attack*

Granted, she just thought it was some salon book that didn’t matter if it got condensation or a ring from her glass or grease from her plate. However, I just got it less than 24 hours ago and I wasn’t exactly excited that she was using my work of art as her hundred dollar coaster. I didn’t want to be rude, and all the girls were kind of giving me dirty looks because Kelly made me a plate and I don’t work there. Plus, I looked like an absolute fool sitting there with my cape and foils. So I hesitated at first, thinking how to move her shit off my book. After another minute, I couldn’t take it anymore. I asked her if I could pick up my book and move it out of her way, and she felt really bad and apologized. But I mean, WTF??