While I was traveling I took a lot of pictures of a variety of different light fixtures, because I have a thing for ’em. I think they can be the most interesting thing about a room or a bridge, or a street, or whatever. I love light fixture stores, and there were some great ones in Amsterdam.

amstlight10Heineken Brewery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

barclight4Gaudi home, Barcelona, Spain

barclight2Gaudi home, Barcelona

barclight5Gaudi home, Barcelona

IMG_4445rGaudi home, Barcelona

munlight1Neuschwanstein Castle, Munich, Germany

IMG_4448rGaudi home, Barcelona

irelight1Restaurant, Ireland

barclight3Gaudi home, Barcelona

amstlight11Heineken Brewery, Amsterdam

barclight1Gaudi home, Barcelona

billight1Restaurant, Bilbao, Spain

amstlight8Blues Club, Amsterdam

brulight1Cathedral, Brussels, Belgium

IMG_7390rcafe, Paris, France

praguelight1Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

amstlight1store, Amsterdam

amstlight6street, Amsterdam

IMG_5019rstreet, Paris

landlight1pathway, Landstuhl, Germany

amstlight3Store, Amsterdam

IMG_4166rstreet, Barcelona

parlight1Musee D’Orsay, Paris

IMG_7310bar, Paris

brussels27rChinatown, Brussels

amstlight7street, Amsterdam

IMG_7286rRestaurant, Barcelona

IMG_4741rmetro entrance, Paris

irelight2bridge, Dublin, Ireland

amstlight2store, Amsterdam

parlight2Montmartre, Paris

amstlight4store, Amsterdam