Stephanie got a new camera recently so now she has two great DSLRs with a selection of lenses. Her new 35mm portrait lens produces great pictures, check out her latest results here or here.


So we went on a mission to find a secluded field near Grant Line Road right around sunset to take advantage of the good light. We saw these crazy looking trees so we pulled over, but soon found out that there was barbed wire fence along the property because the field belonged to Aerojet, and was called a Toxic Waste area. We hopped the fence anyway, because it’s a Saturday night, so who’s gonna find us out here? We hiked out to the trees and started taking some pictures, and then a police car pulled up across the street behind my car. Cut to us, freaking out and packing up our stuff, running toward the fence before we got yelled at and evacuated. Turns out they just wanted to make sure my car wasn’t an abandonned vehicle, and once they saw people heading toward the car they turned around and left. Thankfully, we got a few shots in the good light before leaving.