I got a big F this year in the video capture department, but I put together a quick vid of some things I did shoot.

Obviously, someone needs to practice wearing glasses or contacts when they have to use manual focus. And steadying the camera. And white balance.

Steph and Erik’s engagement photos,

the Nielsen Family holiday photos,

the McDaniel family holiday photos,

and the Rief family photos.


A couple weeks ago my friend Becca (aka Bexadler) ran a marathon, after six months of intense and obsessive training. These aren’t stellar photos, but I am pretty glad I caught the moment she crossed the finish line and shot me that look!

This one too, because it shows the true exhaustion she felt at that moment.

Fall photo shoot,

Baby Abby and Baby Dillon,

and the Ekdhal-Jackson Family.

The other day I roamed around Folsom looking for places for a photo shoot, and I mistakenly only brought my little camera with the lensbaby on it. So I couldn’t document what it would really look like, but I did manage to snap a few shots that looked kinda like paintings.

I love anything old fashioned, so when Erik’s grandmother Myrtle visited a few months ago I was so excited that she brought some extremely thoughtful gifts for us.

She is an avid antique-er and collector of vintage glass. She gave me this sugar dish that I absolutely love and use every single day for my morning coffee.

And then she brought Erik this old 7up bottle from the 60’s (?) from when they were probably running a college football promo. Erik’s favorite team is Notre Dame.

I just love thoughtful gifts and thoughtful people 🙂